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I hear if you don't click +FAV, a penguin in Africa dies. Makes perfect sense.

  Leo the Hedgehog

Hey what's up? "Your reaction" Hm, let's see, yeah yeah, nothing ne- HOLY CRAP NOT A HEROBLHAJSKDFJBGKLS *click*

Yeah that's right I'M BACK

So why the delay? Well abridged version: one of my family members had a tragic accident which caused me to move to another city for a while. Getting on the Internet was too much of a hassle much less make a comic or even a sprite. I still had a rough time catching up with stuff when I got home. (I'll miss SaP)

But I'm back, and I'mma gonna update the comic weekly on Fridays. I can't do 2 a week and I need to stick to a schedule or else I'll be delayed for a month like I did once.

I hope you can all forgive me, one even called this comic dead. Well I'm back, and I'll be working on this comic WAY more and Zoom and another project that probably won't happen soon, but here's a hint, RCPD. (Shoutout next comic if you can guess what that is)

Buncha new stuff, I tried some new stuff with this comic such as trying to resize sprites 250% (Maybe that's why Shadow looks a little distorted) but enough of this rambling. Good to be back.


Seeya next Friday!


  Leo the Hedgehog

Hey what's up?


  Leo the Hedgehog

Hey what's up? I know I'm late, but no update was to be scheduled for last Friday due to vacation. It will continue this Friday as scheduled.


  Leo the Hedgehog

So this Friday is my birthday.
So no update.
I'll make it up to you guys next week, but until then.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!



FIRST TO COMMENT (Who's not an author)!! Also, glad your back, and hope your family member is recovering ok.

Posted by uberdude3252


*sniff* i'm soooo happy!!!!

and you nailed ultimate's personality and some one finally acknowledged ultimate's relation to shadow (no not blood relation)

edit: i see psych in the distance

edit 2: i hope your all caught up with haunted house. we've entered a new chapter

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^ ^ ^

Posted by Risky2k


I was confused about the Psych part until I highlighted the image XD

Posted by ClareSilver47


Yay for epicness XD I hope everyone finds that guy soon.

Posted by Lady Darkrina


What do you make these with???

Posted by DarkSoniic


It has to be Photshop CS5....I'm still trying to find a program that works for free.

Posted by CarnageRulez312


Dude I love this comic please make another update

Posted by TheProjectCore

Hello again

So no update in 2 months!! WTF
Well here's the story....
ok you know what.
I was lazy and didn't want to.
:D Seeya next time i update...


Posted by Leo

I'm not dead I tell ya.

I'm not dead. The comic's been on hiatus. Updates will begin next month.

Posted by Leo


Naw, this is dead. :D

Posted by Da J Man


Naw its not dead, ^ although to alot of people it might be.

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I've been on a sprite hiatus for a while, and I'm still figuring stuff out and talking with some of my partners. It's not dead, really.

Posted by Leo


It's definately dying though...11 months is a long time.

Posted by Da J Man


Yeah I know... been thinking a long time about it.

Posted by Leo

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